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In addition to our primary areas, we have a number of support units such as IT, finance, communications and HR.

At our satellite offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany, our employees mainly work with HR or salaries.

web dating Vallensbæk

This is necessary to prosper in a toy market with fierce international competition.Within TOYS”R”US, we focus on being the most entertaining destination for children and adults, offering customers fun experiences and events along with the largest assortment of children’s favourite brands, great prices and good bargains.TOP-TOY operates TOYS”R”US stores in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.We respect that our employees also have a life outside TOP-TOY, and we make it a priority to ensure our employees can balance work with family life.As part of the TOP-TOY organisation, you will be part of a dedicated, hard-working team.

Web dating Vallensbæk

BR is TOP-TOY’s high street toy retailer with stores in prime locations, a strong brand with a recognisable mascot, well-established customer relationships and, not least, the loyalty programme Club BR.The BR mission is to be the authority on making children happy – and we have more than 50 years of experience in doing that.Our turnover exceeds €450 million, and we have more than 300 stores and 2,000 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Germany and Hong Kong. web dating Vallensbæk-45 Depending on your interests and skills, TOP-TOY offers opportunities for local or international careers.Fun is an important part of most children’s lives and they find it natural to experiment and try new things. We have an informal culture where we talk to each other openly and respectfully and where humour plays an important role.

We firmly believe that we can only succeed together and, in our daily effort to improve, we value input from all employees, regardless of rank and seniority.

The offices employ around 200 and 100 people, respectively.

At both locations, we have administration units working with, for example, retail, sales, procurement, marketing, graphic design and merchandising.

We are ready to support talents with opportunities and reward results with responsibility.

Personal and professional development is, therefore, a natural part of working at TOP-TOY.

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