Singles traben-trarbach

Best wishes, Your Parkschlösschen Team So fabulous I'm going back again this year.

I did the Panchakarma cure - which I should warn you, is not for the faint-hearted.

It is located in the center of Traben, close to the Mosel-Riverwalk and the train/bus station.

Singles traben-trarbach

He initiates the guidelines of the treatment tailored to...Best regards, Your Parkschlösschen-Team Completed their Ayurveda Detox programme, which I highly recommend. kostenlose flirtchats München Was surrounded by a very friendly and professional staff displaying at all times impeccable service.Their restaurant served excellent Ayurvedic foods which founds its culmination in their Sunday buffet lunch.Their massage therapies really helped to support the programme and conveying a feeling of recovery and de-stressing. Generally I enjoyed my stay here, the staff is very professional and nice.

Singles traben-trarbach

You can just enjoy the healthy food, wonderful treatments and lovely surroundings without going full-on Ayurvedic detox. Dear Sara P., Thank you very much for the positive feedback.But if you do take the cure..will truly feel FABULOUS afterwards. We are very pleased to read that you enjoyed your stay and are delighted to welcome you again at Ayurveda Parkschlösschen this year!There are no compromises when it comes to the ayurvedic treatments and everything is run on a very efficient and professional basis--- the food, massage therapies and facilities are well worth the investment of time and money and the hotel is situated in lovely...The Parkschlosschen is a wonderful 5 star Ayurveda hotel.I was hesitant whether the staff would understand me but they understand and speak English pretty well.

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