Single plattform Karlsruhe

Read more The intuitive interface provides an integrated, efficient search experience with a project-oriented workflow.

Poster presented at the EPO’s East meets West 2016 Forum on Asian patent information The EPO's annual forum "East meets West" on Asian patent information serves as a regular platform for patent information users around the world to discuss their Asian patent information needs.

Our Solutions scale to any business volume to match your needs.

ABOX42 has so far provided different solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from digital signage deployments and global TV projects to fully equipped IPTV and Hybrid TV clients.

single plattform Karlsruhe

STN International, an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned, presented a poster illustrating the unrivalled coverage of Asian patent publications.Subsequently to your search our integrated document delivery Service FIZ Auto Doc provides you easy and fast access to full-text journal articles and patents.Since 1984, STN International has been jointly operated and furthered by a close collaboration between FIZ Karlsruhe and CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), based in Columbus, Ohio.Along with the other core components like the Software Platform and the built-in Lifecycle, our hardware is hands down one of the most advanced STB platforms for any operator requirement.The ABOX42 Software Platform is a very mature and rich software stack that provides you with all essential features and functionalities required for a thrilling first-screen TV product.

Single plattform Karlsruhe

Ranging from a solid browser, a Mediaplayer supporting all relevant formats to an advanced PVR/Time-shift for both IPTV and DVB.Topped-off with a great compatibility to modern TV middleware solutions and a well-documented SDK, ABOX42 offers the most holistic product approach in the industry.The new STN platform is being designed and developed to turn the needs and priorities of today's patent experts into a state-of-the-art search and analysis system that works the way users do.The new STN platform is a significant step in the development of the next generation of STN.Being able to support both Linux and Android environments, having a seamless Solution Process and providing a head start with the OPX TV Application makes us stand out to give you the best All In-One Solution.

STN is an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned.Several interfaces with specialized features and content are available at They have been tailored to the needs of different user groups. In this case our experts perform searches on behalf of clients using In order to protect your company’s internal know-how, to safeguard competitive advantages related to your patent portfolio, and to maintain the company’s innovative strength a professional search is absolutely essential.Today’s TV landscape is more diverse than ever and carries over the changing demands in user behavior and content.The solution to those changes can hardly be an STB alone, but rather the whole ecosystem it’s running in.

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