Senior date Billund

This build up of excitement give way to considerable disbelief upon arrival in “Billund Centret,” supposedly the town center, but actually just two gray bus platforms in the middle of an empty square.The sight and the hearing are further offended by construction sites transforming the town center into a morass of pits, piles of sand, and metal barriers.The LEGO foundation, Capital of Children and the Billund municipalities’ projects are not just focusing on making the town a more attractive place for tourists to stroll around after visiting Legoland, but they wish to attract new young families to move there: the children of those young families who moved into the town in the late 1960s grew older and left to pursue studies and careers elsewhere, and though Billund now counts a population of a little more than 6000 people, most of these are senior citizens.An aging population in small towns in a common phenomenon in rural Denmark, and Billund municipality hopes to have found a solution to invert the trend, using LEGO’s fame and financial support to market itself as a “children’s capital”.

senior date Billund

Once on the bus, tourists can finally get a glimpse of the colorful LEGO universe they probably came to Billund to see: Legoland, the LEGO production studio, the LEGO company and yes, even small yellow figurines!“I think Capital of Children is doing a good job building new playgrounds,” says Jette, but Birte interrupts her to point out that the new playgrounds are only been built in the city center, whereas in the outskirts such facilities are more scarce.When the two women moved to Billund forty years ago, the town was booming due to LEGO’s rapid expansion and the opening of Legoland in 1968.Coincidentally, one of this construction sites is actually a LEGO project.More than simply providing colorful building blocks, LEGO is a concrete force shaping the town’s development.

Senior date Billund

Children are, after all, what links the town and the company’s interests.New facilities for the town will attract young families, which provide new customers for LEGO, which in turn can provide even new facilities for the town, in a prosperous circle.“LEGO is buying a lot of shops around here [the center],” told me Kristina “They recently bought the local pub, actually”.The pub was later demolished to make space for the LEGO house, an ambitious project aiming at providing the city with a “LEGO experience center” by 2016.Whilst the town dates from medieval times, it still only had 500 inhabitants in the 1950s, yet by the beginning of the 1970s the population increased to over 2000 people, most of whom were young families relocating to work for the company.

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