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CAFE CULTURE is alive and well in Regensburg and great coffee is the standard in the city.To go with coffee (or tea) many cafes offer a selection of traditional German sweet treats such as apple strudel and dampfnudeln mit vanillesauce, a steamed dumpling that sits in a pool of silky vanilla cream. Chef Helmut Schwogler is known as much for his flair for dramatic plating as he is for his impressive culinary skills, so every meal at this local favourite is guaranteed to be eye-catching and delicious. This popular local brewery also has its own cafe, so you can nosh on some traditional Bavarian eats with your Regensburg brew. Though only open until 6pm, if you want a traditional Bavarian dumpling, this is the place to get it.The Benedictine abbey of St James, known as Scots Monastery or Schottenkirche St Jakob, was founded by Celtic missionaries from Ireland around 1150 and boasts the “Schottenportal”, an elaborately carved north portal that is now protected by a large glass enclosure.Initially a small abbey, the building was expanded to accommodate the influx of Irish monks making their way to the city.

secret casual Regensburg

While Regensburg does have its share of museums (including the famed Historisches Museum, considered to be one of the most notable in east Bavaria) there are so many distinguished architectural structures and natural monuments that it’s perfectly acceptable to skip the museums all together.A fine example is the 850-year-old Stone Bridge, a medieval masterpiece of engineering that was for many years the only bridge spanning the Danube between Ulm and Vienna. dating for utro Kalundborg A simple stroll across the bridge offers breathtaking views of the river and the city’s low-lying rooftops.For non-teetotalers, there are plenty of local beers and many pubs and breweries in which to taste them. For a main course you may just get a little dash of savory foam on top of your meat, or a cream-filled syringe for your dessert donuts. Before you eat make sure to take a tour of the brewery and get your “beer diploma”. Try their signature “dampfnudel” with sweet vanilla sauce for a real taste of old-world Bavaria. This striking stone cathedral – here since AD 700 – towers over the main city centre and is considered to be the main example of Gothic architecture in Bavaria. Spectacular 12th-century Romanesque church known for its intricately carved north portal. Known previously as St Emmeram’s Abbey, this cluster of ancient abbey buildings is owned by the Thurn and Taxis family, who were key players in the postal services in Europe in the 16th century. Housing an impressive collection reflective of local history and folklore, the museum is a prime stop for history fanatics. As it is the undisputed highlight of medieval bridge building, a visit to Regensburg without seeing the Stone Bridge would be unthinkable.The most popular brewery in the city is Kneitinger, which offers tours and will grant visitors a “beer diploma” after a quick and fun educational run-down of its selection of brews. There may be a wait as the cafe is hugely popular with the locals. Visiting the church is free but there are guided tours for a small fee. Founded by Celtic missionaries from Ireland and a standing example of the work of Irish monks in the area. Guided tours are available in English with a reservation and cost €10 per adult and €25 for families. From models and maps to paintings of the city and local crafts, there’s enough here to occupy a good portion of the day, so go only if you have a chunk of time. Knights crossed the bridge on their way to the Holy Land, merchants saw it a vital artery for trading goods and it is the pride of the locals. Hot spot With two large dance floors, three bars and a VIP lounge, Suite15 (St-Peters-Weg 15, is one of the most popular nightclubs in the area and attracts a slew of well-known DJs spinning everything from techno and house to new metal and slam. Shop spot The prime shopping area is right in the middle of the medieval historic city centre.

Secret casual Regensburg

Winter can be an especially beautiful season for the city, with white powder adorning the treetops and sheets of ice floating down the Danube.Major attractions during that time are the Christmas markets, which run from November 25th to December 23rd.For structural design and construction buffs, both are must-sees.THOSE WHO HAVE no inkling of interest in architecture will still enjoy a walk through the historic city centre if for nothing other than its energetic vibe.The only accompaniment is a basket of sturdy German bread and a side of mustard that’s been made using a secret recipe passed down for centuries.

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It is the epitome of good, simple Bavarian food and is especially satisfying during the winter months.

The medieval city of Regensburg is a little wonderland where Hansel and Gretel would feel right at home, writes CLARE KLEINEDLER NESTLED ON the banks of the River Danube, the medieval city of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany, resembles a little wonderland one could expect to find only inside a child’s snow globe.

There are pointy church steeples and frosty windows adorned with jewels of stained glass, and building fronts painted in an array of candy-like pastel hues. The pride of this small but bustling city is its preservation efforts.

Good food is easy to find in Regensburg, from the traditional to modern takes on the classics.

This being Bavaria, sausages are king and it’d be easy to feel sorry for vegetarians after sampling the local meaty fare.

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