Rain single beatles

the song SCRATCHY was by Travis Wammack a great guitarist (flipside FIREFLY). He was Little Richard's band leader from 1984 to 1995. Travis Wammack (Fame Records, 1972) Not For Sale (Capricorn Records, 1975) That Scratchy Guitar from Memphis (Bear Family Records, 1987) Scr-Scr-Scratchy! It is one of those songs that I could never get enough of or tire of hearing. I like the fact that this is not an overplayed Beatles song.

Rain single beatles

From Ringo's tap-tapping, Paul's droning bass lines, and the mix of rhythm/lead guitar reverbness (is that a word?65 to 66 that to me was a tremendously creative period for the Beatles. A phychedelic masterpiece,a heavy rock record that to this day cannot be equalled by another band.I also imagine that the Beatles probably lost a large portion of their fans during this time. The Beatles when they played their music and sang their songs had a special magic the likes of which you won't hear again in the music industry and this is another fine example of that.I love that sound--especially the final one before the fadeout, so expressive!Turns out that unique sound was made by slowing down the tape playback. And as someone else noted, to think that this creative, pioneering song was relegated to a single's B side, not even put on an album!!

Rain single beatles

As the 50th anniversary of the Beatles saga rolls on, it recently reached a major milestone: a half century ago they released the single “Paperback Writer” and “Rain.” This was a huge turning point in the Beatles’ career, as the single ushered in major changes in songwriting, instrumentation and recording.As detailed in the two meticulously researched books on the Beatles’ musical output written by Mark Lewisohn ( had recently begun, and the two songs were preceded by work on tracks that included “Tomorrow Never Knows,” “Got to Get You into My Life” and “Love You To.” Maybe Paul will surprise us all and perform “Rain” along with “Paperback Writer” on a future tour — fifty-somewhat odd years after this single indicated that the Beatles were going to amaze everyone with even bigger astonishing surprises to come. The film for the song they sent to the Ed Sullivan Show was the first true music video. At this point in their career the Beatles wer more influenced by LSD than pot, having begun their acid fueled explorations roughly a year earlier.I am of course refering to the teens and pre teens that enjoyed the simple pop love songs . Ironically, back in the day when Rain came out, I did not like it!

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The music that came before the Beatles really does not matter anymore. To me pre Beatles music is "oldies" and post Beatles music is classic rock. Many of the Beatles songs sound just as a relevant today as they did forty years ago. (Admittedly, at 11 years old, I was a big Beatles fan, but not much of a critical listener--I didn't even notice that Eleanor Rigby was all strings until someone pointed it out to me years later :) Over the years, it slowly sneaked up on me that Rain was truly a great, creative, pioneering song.

Best known for his work with the Yes-related fan page Notes From the Edge, Tiano launched the official website Yes World and has written liner notes for several of the group's reissues.

The Seattle resident is recording tracks for his upcoming album 'Creetisvan,' and is an expert on movies, TV, prog rock, and the Beatles.

Like nothing that had come before, it announced the arrival of Psychedelic Rock in the Spring of 1966.

Although that in the promo clips for Rain, The Beatles seem to be wearing the same type of clothes in the promo clip for Girl. Rain represents a pivotal moment in music history and Sixties culture.

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