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The shots seemed to change direction and then silence. So we decided in that moment to make a run for it down the hill when it quieted again and try to get away from these men.We justified that we didn’t know what their intentions were or if they were after some moving animal above us.

We knew that a road curvature would give us protection in about 2-300 yards down the road. I kept looking back to make sure Eric was right behind me, all the while, expecting a bullet to hit my back. By some unknown grace and intervention, we sped down that jeep road at a speed my legs have never felt and the men were out of sight. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911 again and connected with the dispatch.I have tried to share my space with them and stay away from areas I knew were active for weapons firing. single dating kostenlos Koblenz I almost always chose to run on singletrack in or near wilderness, where I never see this. About 8 miles into our run, Eric and I split off from the other runners (who wanted to run a bit less than us), we proceeded to head north up the canyon towards the summit of Peavine.Eric said he will always and forever wonder if they heard us scream at them.It was a very long descent down to our cars- some of it spent on the phone with police or my husband or my dad.

Partnervermittlung renate brendel

Let me put to rest that I never intended on doing any of those things. But I can’t let time pass and risk not getting an important message out to my fellow lovers of the trail and outdoors.In fact, with the amount of discussion you all are having about it, perhaps this is a sensitive topic. 1) I have no intention of messing with your areas of shooting that are legal 2) I want us to all share space in a fair and sensible way. I’m still trying to comprehend what happened to me and a running companion yesterday. This is not intended to be an over-emotional rant about something trivial.4) Saying an incident is isolated, is not calling out or generalizing all target shooters. Its sickening and scary- sorry for being dramatic here but I just want to run and not worry about this. I am not experienced with this kind of thing, so I’m sure you can see I was just doing what instinct told me and my friend at that moment. 9) I am hypersensitive because I am still jittery and haven’t been able to sleep. One of those routes at the moment happens to lie within the Silver State 50/50 course out at Peavine Mountain.I’m sure many of you are runners, sports fans, hunters, moms and dads, and all good people. 8 The area we encountered is known for target practice- not illegal target practice. But your onslaught of insensitive comments are not helping your image as a whole right now. Lots of jeep trail, intertwining singletrack, a grinding steady 10 mile climb, etc. As I have run out there before, some of the routes intersected with places that are quite obvious, favorite target range shooting spots.We slowed down but kept going a bit more, until we didn’t hear any more shots. They sent police to go look for the shooters and agreed while it was legal to shoot their weapons if homes were more than one kilometer away, it was illegal to fire blindly down a canyon, across widely used roads,on public use land.

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We stopped, shaking, sobbing and in utter disbelief. The shooters were either drunk, disobedient, hearing impaired (with the use of protective sound gear) or just plain and complete assholes.

Then again as the jeep road wound around another turn, we could see 4 men each carrying a rifle. The men were walking around with their riflles and appeared as they had set up some target away from us into a safe zone.

Just to make sure, we jumped up and down and yelled that we were down the road. Right in the nick of time we found a raised dirt hill and jumped behind it.

My dad showed me a reverence for gun handling and the proper protocol for shooting a weapon.

I’m talking, I have never had reason to be scared of those with guns before.

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