Moden dating Slagelse

In an extension of this bailey was a cemetery with 135 graves.

Most buried were young men but some were also women or children.

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Over two-thirds of the graves had no grave offerings, the others only had few pieces, weapons being rather rare. One was a woman's grave with pearls, a bronze bucket, a wood casket and game stones.In the east there was a 5-meter-broad berm protected by a ditch with a pointed profile, 17 meters wide and 4 meters deep.The ditch was not filled with water and had a palisade at its base.Unlike the others, the fortress was extended with a sort of bailey.The whole fortress may have supplied room for some 1,300 people.

Moden dating Slagelse

The rather short construction time and the complete lack of any signs of maintenance indicate an only short use of the buildings.Possibly the fortress was abandoned before it was completed.The circular main castle was surrounded by a 5-meter-high rampart that was 17.5 meters wide at the base and had a diameter of 137 meters. Two rows of poles were supported by slanted beams from the outside and the room in between the poles was filled with loam and stones. moden dating Slagelse-89moden dating Slagelse-65 The inside was also clad with wood, the two facades were reinforced by beams connecting the two.Graves of horsemen were found on surrounding higher grounds. Most of the finds were things of every day life: pottery, locks, keys, fittings, knives, whetstones, combs, weaving weights, scissors and needles.

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