Ældre dating Gladsaxe

I also learned that she had a very special relationship with that harbour front.

As they boarded the bike, I asked Gertrud where she wanted to go and her reply was prompt. The board walk along the harbour where all Copenhageners have been going for generations on Sunday bicycle rides for an ice cream and a stroll.I have heard countless stories of how they reluctantly have had to give up cycling because they became afraid of crashing or being hit by a car door. seriøs dating Sønderborg All this made me think: The old man, Thorkild, he must miss cycling too – and then: How can I get him back on a bicycle?And so I rented the rickshaw again and I started doing regular bike rides with the residents in my spare time. That was when I learned that he had been a royal guard for 18 months back in 1938, 76 years ago.It gave THEM a new-found mobility and it gave ME an amazing new insight into my city and lots of very unlikely friendships. He had also owned a lingerie shop for 25 years in the heart of Copenhagen and proceeded to explain how to assess a woman’s bra size. I decided that all these adventures were all too good not to involve other people in.

Ældre dating Gladsaxe

In the early years after the war, the bicycle provided cheap, easy and efficient transport.In the 50’s and 60’s the bicycle was slowly but surely replaced by cars, but in a few cities, such as Copenhagen, the bicycle managed to pick up again in the late 70’s and early 80’s and today continues to be the most important means of transport.It was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away.So, one fine August morning I showed up unannounced at the nursing home equipped with a rented rickshaw.I had just been flicking through photos of Copenhagen in the 1930’s which was quite a jolly bicycle inferno and I realised that HE had probably been cycling his bike around town every single day. For generations the bicycle was THE preferred mode of transport for 6 out of 10 residents in cities like Los Angeles, Rome, Tokyo and Sydney.

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In fact, most of today’s older generation grew up and were young adults in a time when cycling 25 kilometers or more to and from work was quite common.

It’s still easier and more convenient than any other means of transport.

It also happens to be the happiest means of transport.

Every morning I go to work by bike, because I love cycling, and one morning I noticed an old man sitting on a bench in a sunny spot with his walking frame next to him.

He sat there every single morning for the next two weeks.

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