Den bedste dating side Helsingør

Niels BRUGMAND - Vital Records Index / DE Gender: M Birth/Christening: Spjellerup, Praesto, Denmark 12.Maren PEDERSDATTER BRUGMAND - Vital Records Index / DE Gender: F Birth/Christening: Spjellerup, Praesto, Denmark 13.

den bedste dating side Helsingør

I have seen all of the conflicting/confusing information that you have Jens and I do not know the right answer.Sophie Magdalene Eggertsdatter Brygmann d: Let med know if you want the names of Anna Sophia and Niels' 12 children. Yes, you have located the Brygmann and Terkel Pedersen families about which I am interested. dating sider uden betaling Ringkøbing-Skjern You will see there is some discussion about the Brygmann family in a few other discussions on this site, which is part of where my information comes from.Brgmand (and the priest ends with: my God bless the ones who offered (i.e. Other people in the present connection Peder Larsen Smith was RENTESKRIVER and later JUSTITSRD i Cph and married to a daughter Karen of the brewer Knud Haagensen Berg/Bierig (ab 1660-1694) and his wife Marie Riber, later married to a person with the rather impossible name Reguel Rasmussen, kgl hofassessor Yours Jens Rotne Edited 1 time(s). Hello Ole and Jens, I will try to respond to the helpful postings you have both made.had sent him money for performing the baptism)) med venlig hilsen (from an old friend) Ole Edited 2 time(s). Good evening Please WHO IS THIS TERKEL PEDERSEN Is he manager of the properties of dowager queen Charlotte Amalie on Stevns, living in Holtug and according to a grave stone married to a LERCHE or married to a daughter of one Bertel Hansen. I cannot find any meaning for Arendeur but it seems to be a French ord in origin.

Den bedste dating side Helsingør

It is believed that he married a daughter of Terkel Pedersen, but her name is not known Terkel Pedersen: Slotsfoged i Nyborg Slot (1652-1713) married 1675 to Maren Berthelsdatter Hansen I would be most grateful for any information about these people or suggestions for other sources. Anna Sophia Eggertsdatter Brygmann b: 1747 (Trinitatis) - d: (Hyltofte, Maribo buried in Taagerup) married in Hof and slotskirken with Niels Pallesen Saabye - 12 children 3.Marie Pedersdatter Smith's parents were Peder Larsen Smith and Cathrine Knudsdatter. Victor Christian Brygmann b: - d: (merchant and postmaster in Kge) 4.Hi Lone, I just located the family on Familysearch under the name "Brugmand".Is this where you first found that Eggert was born in Spjellerup? Hans PEDERSEN BRUGMAND ARENDEUR - Vital Records Index / DE Gender: M Birth/Christening: Spjellerup, Praesto, Denmark 7.Interestingly, I have located on familysearch but not yet anywhere else a Peder Eberhardt Brygmann born in Copenhagen about 1598, who is a likely grandfather or possible father of my Peder Brugmand of Vemmetofte.

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