Dating portal test Chemnitz

In the majority of cases, it will be necessary to submit your portfolio and folder of drafts/designs directly to the university.

Sometimes you are required to prove that you have the physical ability to undertake your chosen studies.

You will frequently be asked to demonstrate your aptitude, particularly for arts-related study programmes.

This will generally be performed by way of an exam, which you will sit prior to your application to the university. Ask the university if you are required to submit a printed portfolio or a CD.

The ones that need to be submitted in individual cases depend entirely on the university and course of study.Therefore: Please find out precisely what language certificates and what level of proficiency you need for the study programme of your choice. Your test results are published online, but you will not receive your Test Da F certificate in good time before the closing date for applications?In this case, please submit your confirmation of registration for the examination before the closing date for applications.However, they should be submitted in a certified translated form, if they were not issued in German or English.Please note our instructions concerning certified translations.

Dating portal test Chemnitz

Owing to an excellent professor-to-student ratio, Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) ranks among the top five universities in Germany with respect to the quality of teaching.This high staff/student ratio allows for more individual attention to be given to students, better enabling them to meet specific academic needs, and enjoy shorter course completion times than in most other German universities.You can make an application once the exam has been successfully passed. Or if you may upload your drafts/designs in file format to your online account: This will make them immediately visible to the universities. dating portal test Chemnitz-69 The Test AS is a standardised test of academic aptitude for international university applicants. And you will save on the costs of printing and posting your portfolio.It is also sufficient to provide a portrait photo (as small as possible) of yourself.

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A single photo is enough, and it need not be the original photo. An internship or employment reference proves that you have practical experience in your subject area.You are advised to always provide a copy of your passport – only the page containing your photo and personal details. You can also upload the passport copy to your online account.This does not necessarily need to be a passport photo.Use the cover letter to explain why you are applying for a particular university and a particular study programme. A cover letter should generally be about two pages in length.The cover letter will be forwarded to your preferred university.

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