Dating gifte Høje-Taastrup

Yesterday partners Steen Enrico Andersen and Søren Mølbak accepted the Award for the Baltic Rail project in Riga, Latvia.

PLH is to design the new Riga Central Station and the new Rail Baltica railway bridge across the Daugava River.

My great grandparents: Ludvig Emil Larsen born 1881 Hje Taastrup sogn Emma Margrethe Murer born 1885 Hje Taastrup sogn - emigrated as married couple with several children arriving on 'SS Paparoa' Mads Peder Hansen born 1878 Munke Bjergby sogn - single, emigrated 1900 on 'Ortona' - pioneer selector of land which he named Malling (between Dalby and Bunya Mtns). Der var mange loliker i Queensland, s hviv du har ret i at han drog af til Australien s er det sansynligvis fordi han har haft bekendte eller familie her.

dating gifte Høje-Taastrup

My friend told me that Peter's family always understood that his father was Fredrik Yapsen.Could you please help me as I have no way of Finding where he came from, or anything else but would love to find out. t promise you much on the basis of this information, but before looking in my files I need to know whether CHRISTIAN, was indeed his surname here. casual dating vergleich Paderborn If so I can tell you that it definitely was not the name given to him in birth and baptism, neither was he a James, but people known here as James was often Jens in the birth record in the old world.wife Sarah Woodbridge 26 years of age from Campbelltown NSW. my fathers aunty Dagmar born , Tumbarumba, father was Peter Christian Miner 38 years from Denmark. His death certificate - 3rd september 1908 Tumbarumba, James Peter Christian, Invalidity Pensioner, Gold Miner father was James Christian, Grazier Denmark, mother was Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).It says his place of birth was Denmark, (place unknown), been in Australia 50 years in NSW.

Dating gifte Høje-Taastrup

In particularly those who migrated to Queensland where my records have over 90% coverage. Hi Robert I have three great grandparents who emigrated from Denmark to Australia and have many photos, stories, etc which you may be interested in. januar 1894 i Brandstrup, Tirsted Sogn, Fuglse Herred (dvs. Han skulle efter sigende vre emigreret til Australien, men jeg ved ikke hvornr. Med venlig hilsen Carsten Dahl Kre Carsten, Han er ikke i min database.My database runs danish norwegian and german records on Queensland migrants up against Qld and NSW naturalisations BDM, criminal records, arrival records, and books and 19 century newspapers, Scandinavian society records, Mariners who jumped ships, crew lists on Pacific ships and much more I am a historian and I collect records and stories on Scandinavians in Australia for a book which is entitled "Through Scaandinavian Eyes" R. May I contact you privately to discuss whether you would like copies of anything I have? rsagen er givet at han ankom p et tidspunkt efter frste verdenskrig, min database er focusseret p perioden fr 1914.Peter was born in 1851 and arrived at Marybough in March 1871 on the Shakespeare, out of Hamburg. dating gifte Høje-Taastrup-60dating gifte Høje-Taastrup-53 It is said he had his 20th birthday about the time of his arrival at Maryborough. Unfortunately I am unable to find a Peter Fredriksen on the Shakespeare.His surname would similarly have been either Christensen or Christiansen, it is highly unlikely for him tohave been a CHRISTIAN, that in danish is not a surname.

he was obviously born about 1843 and if the information is correct he would have arrived to Australia as a 15 year old, which is surprisingly young, even for a mariner. The reasosn why I am so sure is that he altered or anglicised his name, it was in Australia most commonly mariners that changed name to something more British.He was known as either James Peter Christian, or Peter Christian and married Sarah Rose Woodbridge.I have a copy of some of his childrens birth certificates and also his marriage and death certificate, but still can't find out about him.The reasons was that they had been working on British ships, they did not minge with many dfellow danes and they wished to fitt in.His parents names may well be Jens Christensen and Elisabeth something (note the spelling, this is Danish spelling, z is very unlikely) However unless you can find more information from some other sources it will be very difficult to assist you any further.

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