Dating 40 Viborg

At Duehøj SV there were three wells and pithouses, but no retting or drying pits, at Højlund Spangsdal there was a drying pit and a waterlogged area but no pithouses, and at Spangsbjerg the retting pits, drying pits and pithouses were distributed among the farm buildings.Other sites, such as Næs at Zealand and Seden Syd at Funen, show a greater similarity to Kærgård.The excavation at Kærgård has revealed an agrarian settlement with a workshop area indicating that there was specialised production, probably of textiles, that was intended for trade with other settlements.The fact that trade and exchange became increasingly important during the Germanic Iron Age and Viking Age has been known for a long time, but we do not know of many specialised sites as that at Kærgård.

dating 40 Viborg

Dendrochronological analysis of the wood has been carried out at Wormanium and the Danish National Museum, resulting in some cases in very precise dates.However, both of these sites also have evidence of trade, of which there is no sign at Kærgård. frau gesucht kostenlos  Iron production sites represent another type of specialised site.The botanical remains are consequently very sparse, but the archaeological features indicating textile production are more numerous (fig. The many wells and waterlogged pits, ladders and logs giving access to the basins all indicate the presence of retting pits, and some drying pits could have been used for drying the plant stems before breaking them.Spindle whorls in the pithouses indicate that these could have been used for textile production.

Dating 40 Viborg

Functions of the wells, pithouses and other structures There seem to be too many wells just to provide drinking water, so other possible functions have been considered.The Viking Age settlement excavated at Næs on Zealand also had quite a large number of pithouses and wells, and in some of the latter were found bundles of flax stems.9), indicating that this building was probably used for repairing pots. dating 40 Viborg-64dating 40 Viborg-18dating 40 Viborg-32 Wells and waterlogged pits The 40 structures can be divided into five groups: natural ponds, smaller waterlogged pits (10), wells without a lining (10), wells with a lining (13) and basins (3).The house dates from the Early Germanic Iron Age or perhaps slightly earlier. 6) has a special extension to the north and is dated to the Late Germanic Iron Age or Early Viking Age. 7) is a smaller building and could be some kind of workshop; it is dated to the Viking Age.

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