Date danmark Samsø

Kanhavekanalen therefore reflects a strong power as early as the beginning of the 700s.

Over the last couple of years, major excavations have given archeologists more information about the five castles, towers and fortifications, which date back to the Middle Ages when Samsø was owned by the throne.

Thus, it was possible to amplify naval defences, intercept the passing ships, and collect duties.

date danmark Samsø

Welcome to the smallest and most cozy Alcoholics Anonymous convention in Denmark.The smell is so strong that if you don’t like onion or garlic, I advise you not to bike through the forest at this time.However, they taste wonderful with fresh potatoes on rye bread.Today they still own about 25 percent of the territory including the castle and estate of Brattingsborg on the south end of the island. It’s an old canal, dated back to 726 AD, which stretches across from East to West, approximately 500 meters long, and 11 meters wide.Follow the Viking trail Don’t miss out stopping at Nordby to admire all the quaint half-timbered houses with their thatched roofs. It allowed ships of up to one meter deep to pass through. The Kanhavekanal enabled ships to pass from the natural harbour of Stavnsfjord on the east side to Mårup Vig on the west, without having to sail all the way around the north or south end of the island.

Date danmark Samsø

And no competition jury is complete, of course, without a local potato farmer.The competing open-faced potato sandwiches are judged on composition, taste, overall appearance, and novelty.During the festival, the Samsø Award is given to outstanding exhibitors and projects lifting the visibility and awareness of the sustainability charter. date danmark Samsø-85date danmark Samsø-83date danmark Samsø-47 The prize has been developed by the Energy Academy in cooperation with European partners.You might think, how many variations of a potato-sandwich can you possibly make?

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At the upcoming local food produce festival you get the chance to see for yourself.It started with an electric car day and has now grown into a festival with thousands of visitors from near and far.Through exhibitions, presentations and produce stalls, the islanders show how they act sustainably, from showcasing the latest electric vehicles and bicycles to local permaculture and organic samples. Since I was a child, I have loved Samsø and I go as often as I can. ” My immediate response was: ”Samsø – my favourite island”.

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