Date danmark Brønderslev

Normally, both you and your employer pay contributions to the pension through the wage.

The pension is in most cases a fixed percentage of your wage.

Rules vary as to whether you can have your Danish state pension paid out abroad.The Danish pension system is structured so that you get your pension from several places.You may be entitled to state pension when you reach the state pension age.Labour market pensions often contain payments that are disbursed to a spouse and children if you die before retirement.Most pensions also hold insurance for you if you lose the ability to work.

Date danmark Brønderslev

You have to make sure that Udbetaling Danmark has the right information about your income and your spouse /cohabitant’s income.You have to inform Udbetaling Danmark of any changes to your income. If your additional income is taxed in Denmark, you don’t have to inform Udbetaling Danmark.You will have extra pension paid to you if your total income was lower than the income on which your pension was based last year.Your spouse/cohabitant’s income is also included in the calculation of your pension.Please contact your pension company, your pension fund or your financial institution if you want to learn more about your individual pensions.

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