Danske dating sider Halsnæs

Hvis filen har været ændret siden dens oprindelige tilblivelse, kan nogle detaljer muligvis ikke fuldt ud repræsentere det modificerede billede.The surroundings in Halsnæs in North Sealand are dominated by water: The Kattegat Sea to the north-west, the Ise Fjord to the south and Roskilde Fjord to the west, the largest lake in Denmark; Arresø, to the east.Lynæs Surfcenter provides a wide range of water sports including kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing or paddle surfing. The sandy beach at Lynæs is ideal for children to play in the shallow water and for watching the colourful kite surfers. For those less interested in water sports there are other things to do.The surf center also provides table tennis, basketball, barbecuing, and a large grassy area ideal for sun bathing.

danske dating sider Halsnæs

The banks of Ise Fjord are filled with interesting flowers and plants.The centrepiece is the impressive Sea Bull climbing frame that has given the playground its name. Another very popular summer activity in Denmark is water sports.Lynæs is the paradise for surfers in North Sealand, one of the two best kite surfing places in Denmark, and among the finest in Europe.Here you will find one of the best beaches in Denmark: Liseleje Beach.It is sandy with shallow water, and there are lifeguards during the summer months.

Danske dating sider Halsnæs

It has been designed around the local legend of the Sea Bull, who took revenge on the little fisherman's town and covered it in sand; reportedly because the inhabitants had tried to steal the children of the Sea People.Every swing, slide and tree hut is crafted from natural tree trunks and carved to look like different figures.Take a ferry across the fjord from Hundested to Rørvig – a pleasant summer house area. danske dating sider Halsnæs-22danske dating sider Halsnæs-54 Rørvig Harbour has a nice fishmonger and restaurant, fast food restaurants, good ice cream, and a manned information cabin where you can borrow fishing nets and get assistance for nature studies and activities.One of the top ten best summer activities in Denmark is going to the beach.

Almost the entire Northern coastline of Halsnaes is one long stretch of beautiful beaches: a major attraction for visitors from Copenhagen.Jump on the tour boat M/S Frederikke, which takes you safely across the largest lake in Denmark: Arresø.It takes about an hour and it’s a lovely nature experience for the whole family; the lake has a very rich bird and floral life, and there is a chance of spotting a beaver.However, sailing is also a popular leisure activity and tourist attraction.Bordered by the Kattegat Sea, the Ise Fjord and Lake Arresø, Halsnæs is a brilliant place for adventures on the water.

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